Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going Veg

Well I finally decided to eliminate meat from my diet! I have not eaten meat for 11 days and counting, I know it doesn't sound like much, but hey..You gotta start somewhere. For the past month, I had been feeling really sluggish and bloated. I just felt like I was dragging pounds of toxins around with me. So I made the conscious decision to stop eating meat. I've never really been a "meat" person. I love my vegetables and pasta. I've done diets where you couldn't consume meat and as soon as I was finished, I went right back eating it. It was more out of habit than the desire to do so. I'm just used to eating meat with my meals. I feel much better, I just have to find the perfect balance of nutrients. I read that meat provides B12 vitamins, so without it I may have to take a daily supplement. Other than that I'm good, the more days pass, the more I forget about ever eating MEAT!

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