Thursday, August 28, 2008


The answer is NO! I got into a debate with a gentleman (who shall remain nameless) over whether fish is considered meat. In my previous post, I discussed how I had given up meat in my diet. In order to prove him wrong, I did some research. There are several different variations of being a vegetarian. I learned that I am a pesco vegetarian, one who eats veggies and fish, NO chicken, pork or beef. According to the Vegetarian Society this is not considered a valid vegetarian diet and they look at it as a form of semi-vegetarianism. Well, I guess I'm a semi vegetarian. Maybe I'll slowly work my way into veganism in the future. I also learned out the meaning of meat, which I never really thought about in depth. Meat refers to animal tissue used as food, which can include organs (yuck!). The word is also used by the meat packing industry as the flesh of mammalian species. Fish does not fall into this category. So after I educated this person and myself as well, I felt more informed, more knowledgable. It is only right to know what you're practicing. So I'll be well equipped if I ever get into another discussion regarding my Go Veg movement.

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